Mary Kriek



On January 5th 1958 nineteen year old Dutch au pair Mary Kriek alighted from her bus at Foxes Corner, Eight Ash Green. It was 10:45 at night and she had only to walk about 300 yards to her home at Bullbanks Farm. This was a journey she would never complete. The next morning a tractor driver found her body in a ditch a 20 minute drive away on Dedham Road near Boxted. She had been beaten over the head seventeen times with a tyre lever.

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1955 OS map of the area Mary Kriek lived. Points marked are her bus stop, her home and the murder location
The grave of Mary Kriek in Colchester Cemetery
Jack Barkway and Arthur Simpson on the banks of the River Stour
Text reads” The news about what seems to be a double suicide from Melbourne has caused the police in Essex, England to store the files of the murder that was committed in Essex to the Dutch girl Mary Kriek three years ago and is still unsolved stayed. The body of Mary Kriek was found in a ditch in Boxted in January 1958 after she had returned to the Colchester one night by bus. The message from Melbourne concerns 43 year old Roger St Clair Fearon who was born in South Africa and graduated in Cambridge and his thirty-year-old wife Fritia of Dutch descent, who were found dead in their home in Blackburn near Melbourne Australia on Tuesday night. There was a gun next to them and a note. According to the police, Feron apparently first shot his wife, who was pregnant, and then himself. Fearon and Fritia were married about a year and a half ago and came to Australia last year. Fearon was, at the time of the murder of Mary Kriek, a farmer doing good in Earls Colne near Boxted and was one of the many who were heard by the police. He and his first wife had known Mary Kriek well and had her sister Willi as help in the house. After it happened with Mary Kriek, Fearon and his first wife divorced.


earnest 'jack' barkway

Jack Barkway