Chris May- UPDATED 22/5/18


On Sunday May 13th 2018 a member of the public found a body believed to be that of Chris May in remote woodland near Faulkbourne, Essex, just a short distance away from where his car was discovered almost three years previous. Article below and I’ll update as more information comes to light.

On bank holiday Monday, May 25th 2015 at around 9:30 am, Christopher May a 28 year old labourer from Kelvedon in Essex took a drive to the nearby town of Braintree. It should have been a round trip of under an hour but by that evening his family had noticed him missing and informed the police. Two days later his car was found abandoned on Troy’s Chase, a remote bridleway some 10 minutes away from the route Chris should have used to return home. He has never been seen since.

If you’ve enjoyed this episode of The Outlines Podcast and want to read up a little more on the case. Here are some videos, links and images that you may find helpful.

Chris’s route on 25th May 2015
Chris’s car abandoned on Troy’s Chase
Anonymous letter to Witham police station

1 Year On…

2 Years On…


Freedom of Information Request

Via Websleuths, map of Chris’ last known locations

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